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Saturday, 09 December 1967 00:00
“Many people have pointed out a relationship between atherosclerosis and serum lipids. Little et al. showed that the concentration of serum lipids is positively correlated with coffee drinking, but slightly negatively correlated with tea drinking. Paul reported that people who developed coronaries drank more cups of coffee than those without coronaries. Snapper stated in his book that there was little atherosclerosis in the Chinese, who drink tea almost exclusively.”

“The absence of atherosclerosis in the Chinese, the Bantus of South Africa, the Negroes in Central Africa and the Yemenites in Asia Minor has been attributed to low content of serum lipids. Similarly, it should be noted that the cholesterol of the Chinese was lower than in Europeans or Americans.”

“During the past decade we have developed a quantitative method of grading the degree of atherosclerosis, and by this system we can determine the degree of atherosclerosis at different segments and even the same segment of the different sectors. Table 1 shows that the overt coffee drinking population has a higher degree of atherosclerosis than the overt tea drinking population.”

“When rabbits were maintained for 3 months on a diet consisting of rabbit chow augmented with 3 per cent Wesson oil and 0.25 per cent cholesterol, they readily developed atherosclerosis. Fig. 1 compares aortae from rabbits drinking different beverages. The degree of atherosclerosis is much lower in the rabbits drinking tea than those drinking water. It is evident that tea seems to protect the aorta from forming atheroma.”

“rabbits which were given a diet with high fat and tea to drink had much less sclerosis than either of the other groups. The group given only the diet with high fat content for 3 months, and then maintained on the diet and tea regimen for another 2 months, showed less sclerosis than those rabbits given the high fat control diet.”

Wei Young, Robert L. Hotovec, and Arthur G. Romero, "Tea and Atherosclerosis", Nature, December 9, 1967, Vol. 216, Num. 0, pp. 1015-1016


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