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Written by Roman Bystrianyk   
Friday, 02 June 2006 00:00

Melissa never had acne as a teenager, but when she turned 19 she started to break out. It started off slowly at first, but it got progressively worse. She had never before experienced anything like this in her life. At first she tried to take care of the problem, but the acne was so deep and painful she only ended up scaring herself. 

At 20 Melissa went to see a dermatologist because the problem had gotten so out of control. The doctor was shocked when he saw her saying that it was the “worst case” he had seen in his 30 years of practice and that it was quite a “shame”. The doctor explained that the condition was due to hormonal problems and that diet just didn’t matter much, but he said it would be good to “stay away from pizza and chocolate”. Tetracycline was prescribed but her condition did not improve and the side effects were unbearable. While on this medication, 5 minutes of sun exposure caused her skin to be badly burned. 

Giving up on tetracycline it was suggested that she start taking birth control pills. After going on the “pill” Melissa experienced “major mood swings”, but didn’t experience any improvement in her condition. By now she was wearing her hair very long trying to cover her face. She was working as a bartender and was smoking and drinking heavily. 

The doctor suggested that she should try another medication called Accutane. She was scared of trying that medication and at a cost of $5,000 a year it just wasn’t something she could afford.

Giving up on the dermatologist she met a Russian esthetician that said she could help her with her problem. An esthetician is a qualified skin care specialist trained to administer beauty treatments for the skin. She tried creams with sulfur along with facials. She went to this lady for about 4 years once a week costing her $40 to $75 each week. Eventually Melissa realized that while on occasion there was some temporary improvement, nothing really changed overall. Realizing now that she had been “sucked in” by this woman she stopped seeing her saying she was “used by someone who doesn’t know anything about the problem.” 

At 23 Melissa went to the emergency room to have surgery to remove acne cysts that had gotten extremely bad. One cyst was the size of a golf ball. 

While still drinking hard alcohol, smoking, eating fast food, and staying up late nights she found another lady who did facials. But nothing she tried worked. By now Melissa was getting very depressed and discouraged. “I didn’t know what to do or where to go.” 

At 25 she had another surgery to remove yet another huge cyst along her bikini line. 

At 28 she went to see an acupuncturist who immediately said she had major liver problems. The acupuncturist had her start drinking a tea to help her cleanse her liver. When Melissa asked what was in the tea, the woman refused to tell her. Melissa felt that the acupuncturist was “in it for the money” combined with the fact it was a terrible tasting tea, she stopped drinking it. 

At a point of desperation Melissa was willing to try anything. She went to see a shaman who tried to help her emotionally. During the next couple of years her state of mind improved and she became focused on getting well. She felt she had no choice and was determined to get well not to fall “into the pit”. Again she tried an herbal tea brew that only seemed to make her condition worse with her face breaking out with boils the size of marbles. 

During that time she heard of a “detox” camp in New Mexico. Determined to get well she had her last cigarette before getting on a flight to New Mexico. She got to the camp where they told her they had “never seen anyone that bad.” She spent her time there eating raw foods, juicing, growing sprouts, making wheat grass juice, as well as doing colonics. She felt better after her time at the camp. She improved emotionally and a little physically. 

For the next year she dedicated her life to herself. She juiced every day, practiced hot yoga, ate raw foods, and read lots of books on raw foods. She quit her bar tending job and isolated herself from people who drank and smoked. She did fasts and even spent one month mostly drinking lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup. Working hard her condition improved by about 50%. “It was still bad, but it was much better”. 

But just raw foods didn’t feel right. It was a constant struggle and she felt “imbalanced”. 

It was during this time she happened upon a radio program hosted by Gary Null. She listened to his program for a few months and during one show he asked for people to work on an organic farm project in Florida. In November of 2003, she moved from New York to Florida. There she focused on green juices, diet, and exercise. She also started to learn about herself. She learned how to manage stress and realized her negative emotions were a big factor in her breakouts. 

In August 2004, Gary Null told her she was now ready for a more intense program of green and red juices and large doses of vitamin C. During this time her skin kept improving. 

In the summer of 2005 Melissa got into a bad relationship. He was manipulative and critical. She felt the relationship was “not right”. Although it was hard she needed to resolve things and end it. Realizing she didn’t want this negativity she ended the relationship. Within a day of ending the relationship her face completely cleared up. 

Today Melissa remains free and clear of acne. She juices every day and eats a vegetarian diet with fish. She has learned to manage her stress realizing that toxic thoughts played a role in her cystic acne. She told me that she “felt fortunate to have gone through all of this.” She said, “some people are sick with cancer and don’t know it, with me I had something I had to deal with because it was on the surface. I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.” 

You can contact Melissa at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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