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Written by Roman Bystrianyk   
Friday, 12 October 2007 00:00

Picture a pulsating, painful headache that twice a month left you mostly bedridden for three to five days at a time. Imagine that headache was also accompanied with vomiting, dizziness, poor coordination, and a seemingly unending pain. That was the hellish reality for Barbara in the spring of 2007 who had suffered with full-blown migraines since she was a child. “I’ve been plagued with headaches which have become more painful and more frequent the older I got.” 

According to an April 2004 article in the British medical journal the Lancet a migraine is a very common neurobiological headache disorder that ranks among the world’s most disabling illnesses. According to Wikipedia, in the United States 18% of women and 6% of men report having at least one migraine episode over the period of a year. 

For years Barbara searched everywhere for everything and anything to try and eliminate her headaches. Barbara went to numerous doctors. “They gave me shot after shot and then sent me home in the exact same condition I came in with them saying ‘Sorry. I can’t do anything to help you.’” 

Several years ago Barbara found a vitamin supplement that contained ephedra. Taking the supplement once a day on a regular basis eliminated Barbara’s headaches. “I was elated with happiness.” However, shortly after Barbara discovered this product the federal ban on ephedra went into place. “The product I was successfully using to eliminate my pain was taken off the market, reformulated and proved itself useless to my headaches. They came back.” Barbara resumed her search to try and stop her suffering. 

In July 2007 Barbara contacted me about her condition on the suggestion of a mutual acquaintance. Based on information from Dr. Gary Null and my own investigations I suggested Barbara make a large number of lifestyle modifications which included changes in diet and attitude, and included the use of various vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Barbara began her new routine at the end of July 2007. She eliminated dairy, refined flours, wheat, coffee, and caffeine from her diet. Years ago she had already eliminated sugar, refined flours, and artificial sweeteners such as Nutrasweet. Although Barbara was a careful label reader she sometimes accidentally ingested Nutrasweet. “I could always recognize that immediately when the headache hit the next day. There was something just a little bit different about a Nutrasweet headache that I could identify it. It also was even more painful of a headache.” 

She also started to remove nightshade plants such as potatoes, eggplants, and tomatoes, from her diet. Every morning she made a health shake with protein powder, berries, banana, rice milk, cinnamon, cod liver oil, and flax seed oil. She began taking vitamin E, B complex, selenium, magnesium, calcium, DMA (Dimethylglycine), L-carnosine, ginkgo, feverfew, and butterbur in addition other vitamins she had already been taking. She began doing a vigorous workout of Tae Bo for 30 to 80 minutes daily. 

In the first month of Barbara’s new routine she had two very minor headaches. “Just a bit of soreness that a common Excedrin took away within the hour.” By August all the headaches were completely gone and her life turned entirely around. The days of unending pain and vomiting had been replaced with “hope and happiness and a sense of adventure and drive.” In August, for the first time in years, Barbara was able to take her two children canoeing on the Brule River in northern Wisconsin and climbed rocks around several waterfalls at Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota. 

Today Barbara continues to be headache free and filled with a renewed sense of life. “I feel my life has been saved… literally. These headaches were so bad that I was totally convinced that the next time I got hit with one that then indeed I was going to die from the pain. I have found my old self that I almost forgot about! I got my life back!” 

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