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Written by Roman Bystrianyk   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 22:47
garynulltestimonyOn October 13, 2009 Gary Null provided a riveting testimony to the New York State Assembly on vaccination. During that testimony he brought forth a number of arguments that challenge the prevailing beliefs that vaccines are safe and effective. The following are some excerpts from that testimony as well as the actual videos. The videos contain much more information than the excerpts presented here.

"I could find no convincing evidence that any vaccine, at all, had long term double-blind placebo controlled study trials."

On the studies that CDC, FDA, and other organizations are using as their evidence of double-blind placebo studies, "You left out the virus part of the vaccine [for the placebo] but you included all the other ingredients including thimerosal and mercury and formaldehyde, etc. Well that's not a placebo. In good science you don't use that as a placebo."

"I also saw that virtually all the studies that were supporting the vaccines were done by the vaccine manufacturers. And since the FDA does not do independent studies on the creation, safety, and efficacy of vaccines but relies on information from the vaccine manufactures. And there is a very close relationship. More than 50% of the people sitting on the FDA and CDC vaccine advisory program were from vaccine manufactures. I thought this was a gross conflict of interest."

"Rarely, if ever, has anyone done any study that I can find - and I'm open to the fact that I may have not found one that was done, but I've looked at thousands - where they looked at combination of vaccines use in a given individual to see what short/long term impact they might have had."

"For 18 years sir I have been trying to help the Gulf War veterans of the United States do something that I am appalled that our own federal agencies have failed to do including Bush Senior, Clinton, and Bush Junior administrations acknowledge that 400,000 GIs who are sick with Gulf War Syndrome actually have something other than Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."

"I've interviewed people with who massive body lesions, who have rare and exotic diseases, who have brain neurologic disorders having nothing to do with post traumatic, didn't even go to the gulf theater, they got the vaccines, the experimental anthrax vaccine, the experimental botulism vaccine, that the FDA, similar what it is doing with swine flu gave a pass, an exemption to long term studies. Those Americans, those brave courageous Americans, over 33,000 are reported dead. Their statistics appear nowhere, only by those that are Gulf War veterans putting together their own figures."
"A woman who had no illnesses 22-years old who was in the Gulf who got the vaccines and couldn't now walk in bed 16 to 18 hours a day. The government has refused to acknowledge that Gulf War Syndrome is legitimate to this day."

"There are 44 separate studies, 44 today, that show Gulf War Syndrome is real and it was due to what they were exposed to. These are real diseases for decade they said there are no diseases. I want to ask you're willing to inject pregnant women in this state, or fire them, if they don't take the vaccine. Are you or any member here, or the governor, going to be personally or legally responsible if that developing fetus get that mercury in that brain and ends up with a learning disability, with autism, with anyone of the autism spectrum disorders, or ends up with some type of intellectual deficit?"

"The number one cause of death in the United States is American medicine. I did a report that has not been refuted, with five other MD board certifieds and PhDs called Death by Medicine. I was intrigued when the American Medical Associated said that the number 3 or 4 cause of death was iatrogenesis. What they failed to mention were all the other causes. So we did the same statistics, using their statistics, no one else's, and no editorializing, we found that more Americans die each year from medical errors, than heart attacks, or strokes, or cancer - 723,000. Dr. Lepay from Harvard considered the United States expert on this said over 1,000,000. And our figures and his figures do not account anyone who has an adverse reaction at home - only in institutional settings, so the figure is much higher."

"Dr. Anthony Morris, who should have been here, the former chief vaccine officer, top authority at the FDA, ‘the producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.' CDC officials have confessed, ‘influenza vaccines are the least effective immunizing agents available, especially for the elderly and the children.'"

"Doctor Tom Jefferson, head of the vaccine field group at the Cochrane database a review of all published and unpublished efficacy evidence - and I looked at all their actual studies, I didn't take their word - they found only 1 safety study performed with an inactivated flu vaccine conducted back in 1976. ‘Most studies are of poor methodological quality and the impact of confounders is high. Evidence for systemic review show that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect on the effects measured. Immunization of young children is not lent support by our findings. We recorded NO convincing evidence that vaccines can reduce death, hospital admissions, serious complications, community transmission of influenza. In young children bellow the age of 2 we could find NO evidence that the vaccines were different than a placebo.'"

"The cost of doing business ended up causing 43,000 Americans to die from one drug. One drug - Vioxx. Dr Graham at the FDA who I interviewed who is a very conscientious person, said that he went to the FDA and his own office and said we can't let this drug out it is dangerous. They kept him quiet. They intimidated him. They threatened him. He's on the record saying that. And Vioxx came out in 4 years and killed 43,000 people, injured 125,000, and yet they settled a lawsuit $4.85 billion, and their stock went up. My GOD! Where else but in America can you kill 43,000 people and get a raise?"

"I'm concerned we do not allow people in our society a freedom of choice. Democracy is about freedom of choice. You can believe any religion is the right one, any job you want, any political party, well why can't you have the same right of choice about your body and your health. I'm a healthy American and I do not want as a healthy American a toxic drug in my body. To me that's a violation of my constitutional rights as well as just decency and ethics."


avatar Lynne
I first saw this on Erwin's facebook. I'm so glad someone at least has managed to do something about pharma's fake scientific evidence. It's time it all came out into the open. Keep up the good work. We are all behind you
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