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Easy and Efficient Ways to Shed Those Extra Pounds


First, the key to shedding extra pounds, muscle gain, or just improving your physique or health in any way is a proper combination of a healthy diet plan and an appropriate workout routine. The best weight loss supplements in the world won’t do a thing if one doesn’t get the necessary stuff right first. Following are the easy and natural ways to lose weight.

Set Your Plan

First thing first; set your goal and design a weight loss schedule. It’s your responsibility to make a plan for your diet, exercise and other essential things in your life. Set your target to lose weight within a particular period and then follow your schedule strictly.

Eat A Light, Early Dinner

Daily eat your dinner to about 25% of your calories and try to have it maximum 2-3 hours before going to bed. And don’t overeat because according to some studies, it causes weight gain. Also, avoid too much water intake after dinner.

Snack On High-Protein, High-Fiber Foods

Take high protein food and fiber for good health but also take care of your increasing weight and do daily exercise to burn your calories. Adding a low sugar, high protein snack to your daily diet can help fuel weight loss.

Say No To Added Sugars

It is the kind of sugar added to the beverages, sweets, and fruit juices, etc. as an artificial sweetener to enhance the taste of a product. A high amount of fructose present in the added sugar exceeds the capacity of the liver to metabolize it efficiently, and it starts to convert it into fat. Failure of metabolism leads deposition of fat in the belly. Studies show that excess consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (soft drinks, fruit juices) is linked to a 60% increased chance of developing abdominal obesity in the children.

Don’t Go Hungry Too Long

A little require for food can be best for you, but malnourishing yourself all the day to “splurge” on pudding at night is both unhealthy and diet vandalism. Eat well-timed bites and snacks to avoid low blood sugar levels that cause you to crash.

Move More

If you want to burn a few extra calories, make an effort to move a little more (at least 1-2 miles) during the day. Opting for the stairs, taking breaks to walk around the office, and parking your vehicle a little farther from the office are all simple yet easy ways to boost up your calorie burn.

Have A Piece of Dark Chocolate

A piece of chocolate may not feel as satisfying, but eating a piece of dark chocolate instead of cookies can help you to save your calories in the breakfast and can be a little factor towards losing your weight.

Make Simple Swaps

Taking salad dressing of oil instead of a Green Goddess dressing at lunch can save you 80 calories while consuming fresh fruit instead of dried can also save you dozens as well.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

It’s a common reason why people do not see results because when you drink daily soda, morning juice or a significant amount of wine at night, it causes the increase in your calories. During the diet, limit yourself only to water flavoured with fresh ingredients like lemon, cucumber, or mint.

Get More Sleep

Sleep plays a significant role in your mental and physical health. Adequate sleep is the critical step towards weight reduction as it provides you with the energy for a workout. Additionally, it also stimulates the production of certain hormones like ghrelin and leptin, which are known for their lipolytic (fat burning) action.

Weight Loss for Women


If you are struggling hard to shed extra pounds while the men you know have dropped the weight without much effort, it’s in your genetics. According to a research by the University of North Carolina, men actually tend to drop weight more easily than most women. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t lose extra weight or adopt an entirely different approach to weight loss than men, it might take consistency and a little patience to shed those extra pounds. Following diet and lifestyle changes will help you reach your goal quickly.

Cut Calories for Faster Weight Loss

Eating fewer calories than you consume is the key to losing weight. Your body largely depends on glucose for its energy needs. Getting fewer calories via food and drinks creates an energy deficit and force your body to utilize other sources of energy i.e., fat. Creating an energy deficit of up to 1,000 calories per day can help you lose 2 pounds per week safely and easily.

The best way to calculate your daily calorie requirement and create an energy deficit is the use of calorie-calculator. For example, an average 25 year old woman, who weigh 160 pounds, is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and gets 1 hour of daily activity roughly needs 2,500 calories a day to perform her optimal functions and maintain a healthy weight. To lose one pound a week, she should drop her calorie intake to about 2,000 calories or to lose two pounds each week, she should drop her calorie intake to 1,500 calories a day.

Load Up on Lean Protein

A balanced diet that includes fruits, veggies, healthy fats and unprocessed foods like whole grains is the key to losing weight. However, focusing on more protein intake will help get the best results in less time.

According to Precision Nutrition, a majority of women fall short in their lean protein intake. Extra protein intake can actually help you shed pounds as it takes more energy to digest than fats and carbs. It also boosts your metabolism and provides nutritional support for your workouts. All these factors help you lose weight and build sleek, lean muscle tissue to get a toned appearance.

To get the better results quickly, you should consume 80 grams of protein per 100 pounds of body weight. For example, 104 grams of protein if you weigh 130 pounds.

Get Slim and Toned With Exercise

Only dieting can’t significantly help you get lean and you will need to get moving. High-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT) pumps your heart quickly and help you torch more calories. A 120-pound woman, for instance, can burn 600 calories in an hour doing 600 calories doing 20 reps of bicycle crunches.

Lifting weights can be intimidating for you, it won’t make you “bulky,”. A regular visit to the weight room will help you get a toned and fit physique. Additionally, lifting weights boost your metabolism, build muscles, improve your posture and make your arms, core and lower body.

You should schedule three to four workouts per week and choose a different exercise to challenge your body each time. You can also consult a gym trainer to help you find your way around the weight room and design a challenging exercise plan for you that can give you the best results.

A Short History of Forensic Science


Since the rise of shows like CSI: Las Vegas on mainstream television in the early 2000s, more and more ordinary individuals have been drawn to the compelling field of forensic science. As from the Latin forensis, meaning “public” or “in open court,” forensic science pertains to the application of the scientific disciplines to criminal and civil laws. We associate it the most prominently with criminal investigations, i.e. in the procurement of admissible evidence and the study of criminal procedures.

Forensic science is a fairly young and ever-evolving discipline. Nevertheless, it has proven indispensable to law enforcement, the trial court system, and crime prevention in society. Here’s a briefer on the heroes in the field, key forensic technologies and processes, and what the future has in store for real-life courts and crime labs.

Some of the First Applications of Forensic Science

Fingerprinting, one of the core processes in forensic science, was utilized thousands of years ago by the ancient Chinese for the purpose of identifying business documents. Much later on, in the late 19th century, English police commissioner Sir Edward Henry refined his eponymous fingerprint system, the Henry Classification System, for use in criminal investigations worldwide.

James Marsh’s chemical test procedure for detecting arsenic in 1836, and Karl Landsteiner’s classification system for human blood (which won him the Nobel Prize in 1930), enabled precise analysis of blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids gathered from criminal investigations.

Other heroes that preceded fictional CSI wizard Gil Grissom are professor and forensic criminologist Edmond Locard, the founder of France’s first police crime laboratory in 1910; and English physician Bernard Spilsbury, who in the 20th century challenged many a court opponent of erring testimony with solid scientific proof.

The Evolution of a Cutting-Edge Field

For its evolution and present global ubiquity, modern forensics has the microscope to thank. With microscopes at their disposal, forensic investigators were able to work with blood, hair, teeth, and other samples drawn from the human body to infer the causes of death. In the modern lab, specialty tools such as microscopes with precision linear stages enable the optimum positioning and movement of loaded samples on their XY axes. This ensures the careful handling and thorough analysis of such complex samples.

Microscopy is also the base procedure behind bullet examination, gunshot residue testing, paper testing, and handwriting classification. Consequently, these are the methods that give scientists eagle-eye views into the distinct circumstances of each crime.

The institutionalization of forensic science began only in the 20th century. The University of Lausanne, Switzerland, was one of the first schools to launch a formal curriculum for forensic science as an academic discipline. Later on, in the 1930s, schools around the world began offering forensic science classes for their criminology programs. The American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS) was founded in Chicago in 1950.

Forensics in the Near Future

The applications of forensic science are both rich and wide, and the discipline has flourished in times of crisis. For instance, in 1888, some of the first active forensic doctors practiced in London—on the wound patterns of bodies left behind by the infamous Jack the Ripper.

Beyond microscopy and chemical testing, forensic scientists have also begun using computer graphics to reconstruct the scene of the crime. There is talk of using 3D models in the near future to visually represent final crime scenes or bullet trajectories. But the usage of this method in courts is still under debate, for risk of undermining the possibility for error.

For now, it’s of great benefit that the older methods utilized in forensics are being re-innovated. The technologies now include magnetic fingerprinting and alternative light photography, among others.

Ultimately, the core of forensic science will hold steadfast through the years: to use the scientific method in the service of the law, and to aid all persons—living and deceased—in accessing truth and justice.

Weight Loss For Men


For a number of genetic, environmental and personal reasons, men put on some weight and get out of shape. Fortunately, as multiple studies suggest, most men can lose weight and get back into shape easily than women. To shed those extra pounds and improve your fitness, you will need strong dedication and commitment towards maintaining a healthy diet plan accompanied by a regular exercise routine. Here is exactly what you should do to lose weight quickly.

Reduce your calorie intake

Achieving and maintaining a negative calorie balance is the key to losing weight. This simply means that creating a calorie deficit by burning more calories than you eat. A negative calorie balance will shift your body metabolism to use fat as a source of energy instead of glucose. 1 lbs of body fat contains 3,500 calories, so if you want to lose 1 lbs a week, you should aim to reduce at least 500 calories from your diet, or if your goal is losing 2 lbs per week, cut 1000 calories each day.

Check your eating speed

The faster you eat, the more are the chances that you will grow fatter than those who take enough time to chew their food. Your body takes approximately 15-20 minutes to tell the brain that the stomach has had enough. If you eat faster, the satiation signals received by the brain become slow that will elude your fullness feelings and lead to overeating and obesity. So you are advised to avoid eating food quickly and chew food properly (It will also help you in better digestion).

Drink sufficient water

WHO recommends that a healthy adult should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking sufficient water is important to keep yourself well hydrated, stay healthy and lose weight. Interestingly, drinking less water shifts the body metabolism to retain water weight. Drinking a glass of water before a meal fills up space in the stomach and helps you to reduce the amount of food you are going to eat. It also stretches stomach wall that sends satiety signals to the brain and thus helps avoid overeating.

Perform Resistance Training

These are the special type of exercises that aid in the fat-burning process by putting stress on muscles to consume more fat. Performing weight-training exercises will not only help you lose fat quickly but also build muscle mass. Additionally, these exercises focus on training your entire body and thus keep you active and focused. The best examples include chest presses, bench presses, rows and deadlifts.

Start HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

These exercises are the ones that pump your heart and boost your metabolism. The main feature of these exercises is the variation in intensity that speeds the calorie-burning process. The best HIIT exercises include walk and sprint, run and sprit, mountain climb, infinite squats, situp and jump and infinite burpees.

First, warm up your body at a slow pace. For the first 30 seconds, perform any of these exercises as fast as you can and then return to a slower pace for next 30 seconds or one minute. Complete 2-3 intervals during your first session and gradually increase the number of intervals over weeks.

Begin moderate aerobic activity

Aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging and cycling increase your heart rate and can help you make stamina for performing other weight loss exercises discussed above. They also support you in stimulating the calorie burnout.  Adult men should perform 150 minutes of aerobic exercises per week.

Perform circuit training

As its name suggests, circuit training means a loop of exercises that consist of both aerobic activity and resistance training. Perform an aerobic activity for 20 minutes to pump your heart. Don’t take rest in between and start doing strength training exercise. This will increase calorie burning and build muscles and in turn helps you lose weight quickly.

Weight Loss for Overweight Kids


There are many environmental as well as genetic factors that can increase your child’s weight. Helping your overweight or obese child achieve and maintain a healthy weight is one of the best things you can do for him. Adult caloric consumption and diet plans don’t work for kids because they cause nutritional deficiencies that could be dangerous for your child’s growth and development. So what’s the right way to do it? Following are some easy tips that are both safe and doable.


Find the right weight goal

A majority of younger children less than 5 years of age shouldn’t actually shed pounds because their growing body needs to maintain their weight at a slower rate. Older kids can lose 1- 2 pounds a week. The best way is to consult your child’s doctor regarding a healthy weight with respect to his age.

Say “NO” to diets and supplements

If your child is putting weight, your first step may be to put him on a diet plan or some sort of weight loss supplements. However, you should avoid such major calorie-cutting plans unless your paediatrician recommends it. Weight loss supplements or drugs are not a good idea as it is very little or no research on their safety and effectiveness.

Get the Rest of The Family On Board

Involve everyone in your family about how you would like to make certain dietary changes for your child and the whole family. Kids follow their parents closely and learn their eating habits from them. So instead of singling out your child, it’s important to lead him by example.

Fill Kids Up On Fruits and Veggies

Most fruits and veggies are highly nutritious and low in calories. To maintain a healthy weight, children need 1 to 3 cups of vegetables and 1 to 2 cups of fruit each day. You can follow the following strategies.

  • Let your kid pick up his favourite fruits and veggies at the grocery store.
  • Present a fresh fruit such as an apple or banana with every meal and snack.
  • Make a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast or a snack.
  • Instead of meat, use veggies in child-friendly dishes such as spaghetti, chilli, and lasagna.

Avoid Junk Foods

Sweets and junk food items are the favourite diets of modern-age children. Undoubtedly, these foods are good to taste buds, however, they contain artificial sweeteners, excess fats and calories that can be dangerous for your child’s health. In children, fat-rich foods are hard to digest by their immature gut system, therefore it tends to accumulate in the fat tissue and causes obesity. The best alternative way is to avoid junk foods and make healthy, nutritious food at home.

Get moving

Various studies concluded that kids need at least 60-90 minutes of physical activity every day. If your child is lazy, you can help him work up to that goal:

  • Help your kid find an exercise or some other physical activity he enjoys. You can also help him learn swimming, soccer, and dancing.
  • Make a habit of going outside together for a walk, hike or bike riding.
  • Instead of spending time playing computer games or in front of the TV, encourage him to spend more time outside to enjoy his favourite activity.

If you feel that your child is still not losing weight after you make these changes for a few months, it’s better to consult a health professional who specializes in weight loss for kids. He or she can better guide you related to your concerns.

Detox Tea for Weight Loss


Detox teas are popular among people due to their promising weight loss and metabolism boosting properties. A handful of celebrities seem to tout their weight loss benefits across various social media platforms. People sharing before and after results are stunning and their celeb backing generates buzz. This thing hits the mind of people searching for various weight loss recipes to wonder that do detox teas really work? If so, are they safe and effective? Before plunking down your hard-earned money, read on to find some interesting information on how they work and what are their pros and cons.

How Do Detox Teas work?

A detox tea is a combination of various herbal ingredients that stimulate your intestinal muscles to flush out the intestines and act as a potent diuretic to excrete excess fluid and toxins from the kidneys. If weight loss is your single goal, you can also benefit from metabolism boosting detox teas. A majority of detox diets include fasts, so you have to reduce solid food intake and restrict yourself to pure veggies, fruits and broths. A detox diet may last from one week to 3 weeks.

A fat burning tea such as green tea will help you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism. Senna tea, known for its potent diuretic and laxative effect,  is a popular detox beverage that helps you lose weight by excreting built-up toxins, free-radicals, and excess fluids. Some other commercially made detox teas are also available that contain a long list of herbal extracts such as ginseng, bitter orange, guarana and kelp. These diets have an additional benefit that they suppress your appetite and keep up your energy levels.

If planned correctly, you can lose as much as 20lbs from a detox diet within two weeks. It is due to the fact that anything that causes a loss of waste material including excess fluids and toxins can cause temporary weight loss. However, the fat you burn in this process depends on how many calories you are consuming per day. For instance, most men and women need 25% percent of their daily caloric intake to maintain their current weight. It is estimated that a caloric deficit of 3500 calories yields 1lb of fat. So, if you were eating 2000 calories per day and now constricted yourself to just 500 calories a day, the caloric deficit of 1500 calories along with a detox diet may help you shed 1lb fat every two to three days.


In a world where multiple diet recipes rely on unhealthy diet shakes and pills, use of detox tea diet for weight loss purpose makes a lot of sense. They are made with natural ingredients and backed by scientific evidence for their safety and effectiveness. Detox teas are of special importance if you initially want to lose water weight quickly within weeks and get the motivation to shift your body on other fat loss programs. Additionally, they contain antioxidants and free-radical scavengers that help your body excrete toxic compounds from the food and flush out harsh toxins from the body. They ensure detoxification of internal organs and thus reduce bloating and improve skin complexion.


Drinking detox tea is one of the best options to cleanse the body from poor dietary habits and start losing extra weight; however, you have to consume less calories. You should avoid going to the restaurants and restrict solid food intake. To get optimal results, you may need to follow a strict diet schedule and at least do 2 hour sports a day.


Handy Tips for Bigger Arms


You’ve heard the expression ‘sun’s out, guns out’ and while sunny weather is great if you have an impressive set of arms on you, it can be frustrating if your “guns” are more like peashooters. When people flex, it’s always the biceps they flex, and if you’re sick and tired of having spaghetti arms, it might be time to look into ways of building your arms up. But how do you get a set of sleeve-bursting biceps with peaks like mountains that would make many a pro bodybuilder jealous? Well, check out these tips for bigger arms and see for yourself.


Concentration curls – Okay, when it comes to the biceps, curls are inevitable. There are many different variations of the humble bicep curl, and some are inevitably more popular than others. Arguably the most underrated arm exercise in existence however, is the concentration curl. Concentration curls are an isolation exercise that works wonders for isolating the biceps. Not only that, but it also really helps to build an impressive bicep peak when you flex.


Work the triceps – When people try to train their arms and build them up, they often focus on the biceps and neglect the triceps. The triceps muscle however, is probably more important for adding size to the arm than the bicep. The triceps is the bigger muscle, and it is this muscle that gives the arm its size. Without working the triceps, your biceps could very well look big, but your arm will look small and out of proportion with your over-developed bicep. If you want big arms that fill out tank tops and tight shirts, make sure you work those triceps.


Change your grip – Whether you use dumbbells, a barbell, or an EZ bar, when you work the biceps, something as seemingly basic as changing your grip slightly can really work wonders when it comes to building muscle. Rather than gripping the handles of the dumbbells in the centre for example, use an offset grip with your pinkies or thumbs facing upwards and pressing against the sides of the handles. The idea here is that, as you curl the dumbbell, your biceps are working even harder to stop the weights from rotating, so more force is placed upon them. This means more muscle fibres are ripped, and more muscle will be built. Using an overhand grip instead of an underhand grip is also a great way of shocking the muscles, and of working the forearms in the process.


Switch up your exercises – We all have our most favourite and least-favourite exercises in the gym, but to get the most out of your training, it is recommended that you switch up your exercises regularly and try new things. One day you may start with preacher curls, whereas the next you may go with hammers. Instead of triceps rope pushdowns, go with triceps overhead extensions, and so on. Although all forms of curl are similar, they still work the biceps in a slightly different way, and this is how muscle is built evenly.

Tried and Tested Bulking Tips


Okay, so summer has been and gone (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere) and while it was nice to be shredded, you’re probably feeling a little scrawny and may be ready to start bulking up to gain some serious mass. While bulking season is generally more enjoyable for bodybuilders, if you fail to bulk correctly, you will inevitably pay the price in the near future. Bulking isn’t as simple as some people believe, which is why we’ve compiled this list of tried and tested bulking tips, to help ensure that your bulk runs as smoothly and as successful as possible.


Do NOT dirty bulk – A dirty bulk is basically where an individual will consume vast quantities of junk food, in a bid to ensure they get plenty of calories in their system. To build muscle you do indeed need to be consuming more calories than you can burn off, but that is not an excuse to binge on junk food. Dirty bulking is unhealthy, it’s dangerous, it will make you feel unhealthy and out of sorts, and it will result in you gaining a lot more body fat than you should. The occasional treat now and then is perfectly fine when bulking, but for the most part, try to keep it clean. This brings us to…


Stock up on healthy foods – Just because you aren’t planning on walking around with your shirt off and your abs out for the next few months, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your health. When you bulk up, make sure you emphasize fresh and healthy foods. Complex carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, water, and plenty of vegetables should all be consumed. Eating clean will not only help you to control your weight, it will also make you look better, feel better, and be better.


Compounds – A compound exercise is an exercise which works multiple muscle groups at once. An isolation exercise is the exact opposite, as it isolates just one muscle group at a time. To build muscle mass and gain size, you need to make sure that you are emphasizing compound exercises as part of your training routine. Compound exercises are great for building muscle because with one exercise you are working several muscle groups. Isolation exercises are still very beneficial and useful, but in order to gain size, you should try to perform more relatively heavy compounds and perhaps finish off your training with a few isolation exercises.


Use a mass gainer – To bulk up and gain mass you need to be in a caloric surplus. The bigger you are, the more calories you need, which would mean eating a lot of food. This would not only be expensive, it would also potentially be very difficult. Eating yet another plate of chicken, potatoes, and broccoli when you’re already feeling full and bloated will not be easy. This is why a mass gaining shake is so useful. Mass gainers are protein-based powdered supplements with added vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. They are high in calories and therefore make it easier for you to meet your daily caloric requirements for bulking. One mass gain shake per day will provide anything from 400 calories to 1000 calories, depending on which brand you choose.

Proven Tips for Building a Big Chest


If you’re suffering with a pigeon chest and find that you can’t seem to build up your chest, no matter how hard you train, it may be time to go back to the drawing board to figure out where you’re going wrong. A big and powerful-looking chest can really help to create an aesthetic and muscular physique, so if your pecs aren’t responding to what you’re doing, it’s time to mix things up. Here are some proven tips to help you build a big chest.


Use different bench angles – When it comes to popular chest exercises, you’ll often find that it is the flat bench barbell press that many consider to be the king of chest exercises. This exercise is indeed wonderful for adding muscle mass and size to your pectoral muscles, but it isn’t the only bench press variant that you should perform. Benches in the gym are adjustable, and they are adjustable for a reason. Incline presses for example, will work the upper portion of the chest, while decline presses work the lower pecs. You also do not have to stick with decline, flat, and incline. Try different angles to work slightly different portions of the chest.


Use barbells and dumbbells – When you train your chest, you don’t need to just use dumbbells or a barbell, in fact, you shouldn’t. Experts recommend that you combine both pieces of equipment together to form the basis of your chest training routine. On incline presses for example, people recommend dumbbells because you can bring your elbows lower and can therefore get a better squeeze on the muscle. For adding mass to the chest, many people prefer barbells on flat bench, as it works the left and right pec evenly.


Slow down on the negative – Another great tip for really recruiting a large percentage of muscle fibres in the chest, and subsequently breaking them down in the process, is to focus on slowing things down on the negative portion of the lift. This increases the amount of time under tension that the muscle fibres are placed under, so the more damage you cause to them, the more muscle you will build. On a bench press for example, after pressing the bar into the air, slowly lower it down onto your chest as slowly as you can, as if you are trying to prevent it from touching your chest at all. Your chest will be incredibly sore once you’ve finished, but you’ll certainly be glad that you did it.


Don’t fear push ups – With popular chest exercises like cable flies, dumbbell presses, barbell presses, machine chest presses, and so on, people often think that weights and machines are the only way to go when it comes to chest development. In reality, the push up is one of the most effective chest exercises in existence, and it utilizes nothing but your own body weight for resistance. To really build a beefy chest, make sure you include push ups as part of your chest routine.

Diseases that can be cured by Metrogyl

health care

One of the important things in life is to stay healthy and people can do this by taking care of themselves. Therefore, it is always better to prevent a disease rather than cure it. In daily life, the human body is exposed to bacteria that can cause all kinds of illnesses.

They can injure the cells, compromise the immune system and decrease the nutrients. Infectious diseases are caused by organisms- like bacteria and viruses that can be passed from one person to another.

Fortunately, any infection caused by a bacterium is curable if spotted at a correct time. Even in serious conditions, even when someone has ignored the signs of infection it is possible to find a solution and cure them completely. Keeping this in mind, often antibiotics are recommended in this regard as they serve the purpose adequately.

The medicine Metrogyl is used to treat infections that are caused by bacteria in various parts of the body. Metrogyl 400 is an antibacterial and antifungal medicine that is mainly used to cure inflammatory diseases, bacterial infections caused by vagina and respiratory tract. The medicine comes in both tablet and syrup form. It belongs to the group of antibiotics. Its main component is metronidazole that works by killing the bacteria and microorganisms that causes infections by damaging the DNA. Each metrogyl tablet contains metronidazole.

People who are busy and do not have enough time, need not worry. As everything, today is just a click away. With the advancement of technology in healthcare space, it is very convenient to find best doctors online and consult online with them for any kind of medical assistance. Patients can ask their health queries, book appointment and get useful health tips too.

Here in this write-up learn about how Metrogyl works and what all disease it can cure.

If a person feels they have a serious ailment, they should immediately reach out to a doctor. The diseases that can be cured with Metrogyl range from serious conditions to minor conditions. Read on the list of diseases that can be cured by Metrogyl 400.

●      Amebiasis: Amebiasis is caused by a certain amoeba called Entamoeba histolytica that is transmitted through contaminated food and water. Its treatment includes the use of Flagyl, Paromomycin and Chloroquine. Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used for treating amebiasis which is a parasitic infection that affects the intestine and amebic liver abscess caused by Entamoeba histolytica.  In order to avoid it, one should be aware of food, water and sanitation.

●      Trichomoniasis: Trichomoniasis can be cured with a single dose of antibiotic (either metronidazole or tinidazole), pills that should be taken orally. It is safe for pregnant women to take this medicine. Patients should avoid alcohol during its medication as it may cause side effects.

Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used in the treatment of trichomoniasis which is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. People who have been treated for trichomoniasis can get affected again. About 1 in 5 people get infected again within 3 months after treatment. In order to avoid such situation, make sure that your sex partners get the treatment too, and wait to have physical contact again until all of the symptoms are treated (about a week). Get checked again if the symptoms come back.

●      Bacterial Vaginosis: Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used in the treatment of overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina caused by Lactobacillus species. This medicine is taken orally, while metronidazole is available in form of topical gel that can be inserted in the vagina.

In order to reduce the risk of loose motion, abdominal pain and nausea during its medication, patients should avoid alcohol during the treatment  and for a single day after the treatment gets over.

●      Bacterial infections: A bacterial infection is a multiplication of a harmful strain of bacteria on or inside the body. Bacteria can infect any area of the body. Pneumonia, cold, and food poisoning are just a few diseases that are caused by harmful bacteria

Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used to treat the infections caused by bacteria in blood, lungs, and genital areas caused by Bacteroides fragilis and Clostridium species.

●      Surgical prophylaxis: Surgical prophylaxis is defined as the use of antibiotics to avoid infections caused after undergoing a surgery. Prophylaxis has become the standard of care for surgery involving insertion of artificial devices. The medicine is used to treat infections that may cause after surgery.

  • Diverticulitis: It is a digestive disease that causes small pockets within the bowel wall along with intestine or colon. It is caused by hard stools when the food gets stuck in the pocket. Patients often face abdominal pain, fever and increase in the white blood cells.
  • The medicine works by entering bacterial cells that damages the DNA and prevents the bacteria from forming a new DNA. The drug kills the microorganisms that cause the infection.
  • Peptic ulcer: Peptic ulcer causes a break in the inner lining of the stomach, lower oesophagus and first part of small intestine. It causes vomiting, belching and abdominal pain. Metrogyl enters the bacteria cell, and then acts on the components of the cell by killing the bacteria. Patients with a history of liver or intestinal disease should use this medicine with caution.
  • Helicobacter pyroli: This medicine is used cure Helicobacter pylori from the gut. The presence of bacteria in the gut causes ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Curing of this disease from the gut enables the ulcers to heal and prevents them from reappearing.

The dosage of Metrogyl is prescribed to a patient based on his or her age, gender and severity of the disease.  This medicine should be swallowed whole and should not be crushed and chewed. In case of bacterial infection, the usual dose in adult is about 7.5 mg that should be taken within 6 hours for continuous 7-10 days. While, if a patient is taking it by infusion then he or she should take 15mg once for 1 hour on daily basis for at least 7-10 days. The dose for every treatment varies from one person to another.

Overall, a person must always strive to be healthy and fit. These are the simple ways to achieve the same objective


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