3 Big Benefits of Laboratory Magnetic Stirrers


All scientists know that stirring solutions is an inherent part of life in the laboratory—but when it comes to supplying your school or professional lab with the right tools, what sets laboratory magnetic stirrers apart from other devices? Just read on to discover three big benefits of laboratory magnetic stirrers, and how they can help you perform everyday lab tasks with ease.

A safe, easily sterilized tool

The most important step in any lab setting is achieving a safe, clean working environment—a rule represented by scientists’ adherence to everything from strict goggle and uniform requirements, to ample safeguards for potentially dangerous reactions. This rigorous commitment is essential not only for the safety and security of the scientists themselves, but for the integrity of the processes being performed inside. You can achieve total peace of mind with a laboratory magnetic stirrer which, thanks to its simple design, does not feature extensive moving parts (just a small, easy-to-clean stir bar) that would call for extensive sterilization or manual interference that may affect results.

Seamless stirring for long processes

In addition to helping labs across the globe achieve a clean, safe environment, the simple function of laboratory magnetic stirrers allows you to enjoy a more seamless process. When using a laboratory magnetic stirrer, for example, you will not need to worry about manually stirring or monitoring many moving parts, which can be especially cumbersome (and tiresome) when dealing with longer stirring processes. Simply set your magnetic stirrer and carry on with other lab tasks, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your magnetic stirrer is evenly and swiftly moving through your liquid at a dependable pace.

An affordable addition to any lab setting

When stocking supplies for a laboratory—from protective gear to testing tools and everything in between—it is, of course, crucial to choose only the highest standard of products while still staying on-budget for your organizational needs. Fortunately, high-quality laboratory magnetic stirrers are both affordable and easy to depend on, making them a natural addition to any laboratory setting. Plus, the versatility of this simple, convenient tool means that it can go a long way in labs of all shapes and sizes, and beyond.  

For example, did you know that laboratory magnetic stirrers are so affordable and accessible, that they are even starting to be used even outside of laboratory settings by hobbyists? So even if you are not a scientist, you may enjoy the big benefits of magnetic stirrers as you explore home brewing, for example.

As you can see, laboratory magnetic stirrers can help you enjoy a safer, more seamless lab experience in many ways! Choose stirrers from a reputable supplier to provide peace of mind to your entire lab, and consult with your supplier to determine which stirrer option is right for your unique lab needs (for example, thicker, more viscous solutions may call for the assistance of overhead stirring, while magnetic stirring is sufficient for a wide variety of lower-quantity, lower-viscosity samples).