4 Tips for Building Lean Mass


If you’re sick and tired of having skinny arms and scrawny legs, you will probably have considered stepping up your training and bulking. The problem with bulking is the fact that a lot of people tend to gain too much fat in the process, which can wash out the muscle definition and leave them looking bloated and overly bulky. For some people, a lean and defined physique is a lot more desirable. People often think that it’s not possible to stay lean when bulking, but we’re here to tell you that it is. If you’re looking to bulk up and build lean mass, there are a number of things you should be doing. Here’s a look at 4 tips for building lean mass.


Lift consistently – First up, if you’re looking to build muscle mass, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you are lifting weights in the first place. After that, you must ensure that you are training consistently. Don’t just exercise on days when you feel like it, you should instead try to lift weights on a regular basis and get into a set routine. Training 5 days on 1 week, and 2 days for the next will not give you the results you need because you won’t be working your major muscle groups evenly. Find a routine, and stick to it.


Eat clean calories – Remember, we’re looking to gain lean muscle mass here, which is why it’s important to watch what you eat. When bulking, the temptation is always there to eat vast amounts of foods, often in the form of junk. You however, want to stay lean, ripped, vascular, and defined, so you need to make sure you don’t gain too much fat. To build muscle, you do need to be in a caloric surplus, but try to make sure that your calories come in the form of healthy foods. Eat plenty of lean proteins, get heaps of veggies on your plate, consume complex carbs, and make sure you stick with natural, non-processed foods and beverages.


Proteins and good fats – To build muscle, you need to be getting around 1g of protein in for every pound that you weigh. Emphasize lean proteins, and make sure you don’t neglect healthy fats. The body uses healthy fats for fuel, plus they help provide cognitive health benefits, they boost the metabolism, and they make it easier to reach your daily calorie requirements. Salmon and oily fish is a great choice because as well as being rich in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, it’s also high in protein and minerals.


Don’t forget to rest – When you’re trying to bulk up and build muscle, the temptation is always there to train constantly, with virtually no days off at all. This won’t build muscle however, it will actually destroy it. We build muscle when we rest, as that is when the muscles recover. If you aren’t resting, the muscles can’t recover. Give yourself at least two full days off from the gym and you’ll be amazed by how much better you look and feel.