6 Ways to Raise Finances As a Personal Trainer


As the world becomes more fitness oriented, most might suspect the gym business or the personal training business to be booming. However, that is not always the case. The health industry is facing cut-throat competition and every affiliated service offering with it. As most people struggle to stay in shape, personal trainers struggle along with them. The struggle of a personal trainer surfaces in more ways than just one, as the trainer invests time and energy into delivering what is the best interest of the client, struggling along with the client, finances also raise a posing threat. Although the job might seem to be in demand, you can always do better by investing a little more! Rest easy as the investing more option isn’t just limited to the stock market alone, you too can invest in yourself and maximize returns! Here is how you can raise finances as a personal trainer!

1. Offer More Of Yourself

The norm in the workout industry used to be to take as many clients as you can handle, otherwise allocating enough time to each can be a hassle. However, that is no longer the case and if you are sticking by the old outdated rule, you are definitely cutting your revenue stream short. Invest more of yourself to your clients by extending your services to more and more people. No, this isn’t the greedy option, a teacher teaches, whether it is to 2 students or to twenty, the knowledge isn’t limited! Add more clients, and schedule better!

2. Redesign and Reinvent

Most of the health-oriented people are already aware of the importance of redesigning and reinventing rather than the old concept of just alternating. Hence, there is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same! Redesign your client base to a schedule which caters to their needs and YOURS! Redesigning and reinvesting is a two-way streak. Add combinations of workout you can easily oversee, invest in alternative schedules. Keep client budget into perspective, design per need, offer more, offer better!

3. Add More To Yourself

Most clients have to invest in a personal trainer and a dietary couch if they wish to accomplish their fitness goal or turn their lives around. For most clients, this can be a complex task to accomplish without it being taxing on the wallet. Time for you to alleviate that pain! Add nutrition coaching to your qualification list by undertaking a professional course. You are not only helping your client base but also yourself!

4. Custom Packages

If you as a personal trainer are not offering these already, then you should definitely start now! Those loyal clients deserve more than just achieving their goal, they need a reward and you can offer that in addition to the physical gains. Offer a custom package which sticks through until they achieve their goal and a little over to get them well adjusted to the new routine and body. With the key selling point being a discount that delivers to them and you.

5. Installments Aren’t Just Limited To Products

More often than not, personal trainers demand payment up front or at the very end. No in between! This can be quite taxing for the client and often shuns potential beginners form investing in a trainer at all. Help the clients out, by offering a flexible payment plan. Like every other instalment based offering, earn by interest and adding more client base.

6. New Markets, and Upselling

Everyone seeking to work out does it for a different reason, while some are high in similarity, not everyone works out for the same reason. This is your cue to figure out the “X” factor, what’s missing? What can you offer more? Figuring this out will not only help you in investing in that niche but this will also enable you to upsell to existing clients!

The key takeaway being, finding out more! The more you invest in research, the greater will be the returns. Albeit, you might think these were options you were already familiar with, well, think again! There is always something more you can do. Find out more to get more, for additional help, log on to OriGym’s courses. Offer more and offer better!