Detox Tea for Weight Loss


Detox teas are popular among people due to their promising weight loss and metabolism boosting properties. A handful of celebrities seem to tout their weight loss benefits across various social media platforms. People sharing before and after results are stunning and their celeb backing generates buzz. This thing hits the mind of people searching for various weight loss recipes to wonder that do detox teas really work? If so, are they safe and effective? Before plunking down your hard-earned money, read on to find some interesting information on how they work and what are their pros and cons.

How Do Detox Teas work?

A detox tea is a combination of various herbal ingredients that stimulate your intestinal muscles to flush out the intestines and act as a potent diuretic to excrete excess fluid and toxins from the kidneys. If weight loss is your single goal, you can also benefit from metabolism boosting detox teas. A majority of detox diets include fasts, so you have to reduce solid food intake and restrict yourself to pure veggies, fruits and broths. A detox diet may last from one week to 3 weeks.

A fat burning tea such as green tea will help you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism. Senna tea, known for its potent diuretic and laxative effect,  is a popular detox beverage that helps you lose weight by excreting built-up toxins, free-radicals, and excess fluids. Some other commercially made detox teas are also available that contain a long list of herbal extracts such as ginseng, bitter orange, guarana and kelp. These diets have an additional benefit that they suppress your appetite and keep up your energy levels.

If planned correctly, you can lose as much as 20lbs from a detox diet within two weeks. It is due to the fact that anything that causes a loss of waste material including excess fluids and toxins can cause temporary weight loss. However, the fat you burn in this process depends on how many calories you are consuming per day. For instance, most men and women need 25% percent of their daily caloric intake to maintain their current weight. It is estimated that a caloric deficit of 3500 calories yields 1lb of fat. So, if you were eating 2000 calories per day and now constricted yourself to just 500 calories a day, the caloric deficit of 1500 calories along with a detox diet may help you shed 1lb fat every two to three days.


In a world where multiple diet recipes rely on unhealthy diet shakes and pills, use of detox tea diet for weight loss purpose makes a lot of sense. They are made with natural ingredients and backed by scientific evidence for their safety and effectiveness. Detox teas are of special importance if you initially want to lose water weight quickly within weeks and get the motivation to shift your body on other fat loss programs. Additionally, they contain antioxidants and free-radical scavengers that help your body excrete toxic compounds from the food and flush out harsh toxins from the body. They ensure detoxification of internal organs and thus reduce bloating and improve skin complexion.


Drinking detox tea is one of the best options to cleanse the body from poor dietary habits and start losing extra weight; however, you have to consume less calories. You should avoid going to the restaurants and restrict solid food intake. To get optimal results, you may need to follow a strict diet schedule and at least do 2 hour sports a day.