Diseases that can be cured by Metrogyl

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One of the important things in life is to stay healthy and people can do this by taking care of themselves. Therefore, it is always better to prevent a disease rather than cure it. In daily life, the human body is exposed to bacteria that can cause all kinds of illnesses.

They can injure the cells, compromise the immune system and decrease the nutrients. Infectious diseases are caused by organisms- like bacteria and viruses that can be passed from one person to another.

Fortunately, any infection caused by a bacterium is curable if spotted at a correct time. Even in serious conditions, even when someone has ignored the signs of infection it is possible to find a solution and cure them completely. Keeping this in mind, often antibiotics are recommended in this regard as they serve the purpose adequately.

The medicine Metrogyl is used to treat infections that are caused by bacteria in various parts of the body. Metrogyl 400 is an antibacterial and antifungal medicine that is mainly used to cure inflammatory diseases, bacterial infections caused by vagina and respiratory tract. The medicine comes in both tablet and syrup form. It belongs to the group of antibiotics. Its main component is metronidazole that works by killing the bacteria and microorganisms that causes infections by damaging the DNA. Each metrogyl tablet contains metronidazole.

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Here in this write-up learn about how Metrogyl works and what all disease it can cure.

If a person feels they have a serious ailment, they should immediately reach out to a doctor. The diseases that can be cured with Metrogyl range from serious conditions to minor conditions. Read on the list of diseases that can be cured by Metrogyl 400.

●      Amebiasis: Amebiasis is caused by a certain amoeba called Entamoeba histolytica that is transmitted through contaminated food and water. Its treatment includes the use of Flagyl, Paromomycin and Chloroquine. Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used for treating amebiasis which is a parasitic infection that affects the intestine and amebic liver abscess caused by Entamoeba histolytica.  In order to avoid it, one should be aware of food, water and sanitation.

●      Trichomoniasis: Trichomoniasis can be cured with a single dose of antibiotic (either metronidazole or tinidazole), pills that should be taken orally. It is safe for pregnant women to take this medicine. Patients should avoid alcohol during its medication as it may cause side effects.

Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used in the treatment of trichomoniasis which is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Trichomonas vaginalis. People who have been treated for trichomoniasis can get affected again. About 1 in 5 people get infected again within 3 months after treatment. In order to avoid such situation, make sure that your sex partners get the treatment too, and wait to have physical contact again until all of the symptoms are treated (about a week). Get checked again if the symptoms come back.

●      Bacterial Vaginosis: Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used in the treatment of overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina caused by Lactobacillus species. This medicine is taken orally, while metronidazole is available in form of topical gel that can be inserted in the vagina.

In order to reduce the risk of loose motion, abdominal pain and nausea during its medication, patients should avoid alcohol during the treatment  and for a single day after the treatment gets over.

●      Bacterial infections: A bacterial infection is a multiplication of a harmful strain of bacteria on or inside the body. Bacteria can infect any area of the body. Pneumonia, cold, and food poisoning are just a few diseases that are caused by harmful bacteria

Metrogyl 400 MG tablet is used to treat the infections caused by bacteria in blood, lungs, and genital areas caused by Bacteroides fragilis and Clostridium species.

●      Surgical prophylaxis: Surgical prophylaxis is defined as the use of antibiotics to avoid infections caused after undergoing a surgery. Prophylaxis has become the standard of care for surgery involving insertion of artificial devices. The medicine is used to treat infections that may cause after surgery.

  • Diverticulitis: It is a digestive disease that causes small pockets within the bowel wall along with intestine or colon. It is caused by hard stools when the food gets stuck in the pocket. Patients often face abdominal pain, fever and increase in the white blood cells.
  • The medicine works by entering bacterial cells that damages the DNA and prevents the bacteria from forming a new DNA. The drug kills the microorganisms that cause the infection.
  • Peptic ulcer: Peptic ulcer causes a break in the inner lining of the stomach, lower oesophagus and first part of small intestine. It causes vomiting, belching and abdominal pain. Metrogyl enters the bacteria cell, and then acts on the components of the cell by killing the bacteria. Patients with a history of liver or intestinal disease should use this medicine with caution.
  • Helicobacter pyroli: This medicine is used cure Helicobacter pylori from the gut. The presence of bacteria in the gut causes ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Curing of this disease from the gut enables the ulcers to heal and prevents them from reappearing.

The dosage of Metrogyl is prescribed to a patient based on his or her age, gender and severity of the disease.  This medicine should be swallowed whole and should not be crushed and chewed. In case of bacterial infection, the usual dose in adult is about 7.5 mg that should be taken within 6 hours for continuous 7-10 days. While, if a patient is taking it by infusion then he or she should take 15mg once for 1 hour on daily basis for at least 7-10 days. The dose for every treatment varies from one person to another.

Overall, a person must always strive to be healthy and fit. These are the simple ways to achieve the same objective