How to Release the Pressure to Fix Everything


Life makes us go through different kinds of issues in this world till the end. Some issues are related to us directly and some of them have nothing to do with us but can be critical for humanity. Everyone tends to resolve as many problems as possible and it is not bad to think like that. 

But it is not always possible to fix everything that we want to fix. That difference of desire to fix and real power to fix an issue creates unnecessary pressure on a person. This pressure affects the mental health of a person negatively. It disrupts the mental and physical well-being of a person. 

To avoid the negative effects of such pressures, a person needs to release it by using different strategies as outlined by different experts. For college students, the easiest way to relieve some pressure is to get writing for money, but for everyone else, here are some tips:

1. Do not watch but Read the News. 

It is natural for a person to be affected more seriously with an event that happened in his/her close environment rather than thousands of miles away. It is quite interesting to know that our mind understands the context of an incident differently when reading it or watching it. 

While watching an incident on TV, even though it is far away, our mind considers it to be happening nearby. This perception of nearby affects us more seriously and creates a desire to resolve the issue despite having no power or role. 

That is the reason experts suggest to read the news rather than watching. It will have less severe effects on a person and will help him release the pressure to fix everything. 

2. Have a limit on News Consumption: 

Listening or reading more news will make you consume a bulk of information and issues around the globe. This huge information can add to your stress level and expose you to the added pressure of resolving problems that have nothing to do with you (either have an impact on you or you can have an impact). 

To avoid this added pressure, the best approach is to set a boundary for news consumption. For example, you can decide that you will watch/read news once a day for half an hour only. You can adjust the time limit based on your stress level. It is also recommended to turn off push notifications other than local emergencies.

3. Focus on the task that is in your control: 

Other than consuming too much information that is not relevant, another reason for the unnecessary pressure to fix things is the required power or authority. You cannot change anything just based on your desire. You need to have control or power to change it.  

So suggestion by experts is that you should only focus on the tasks where you have control in your hand. This control will help to complete the task as per your desire. A positive energy will be created that will have a positive effect on your mental and physical health. 

It is always better to fix a problem that can be resolved realistically with your involvement. 

4. Join a community of like-minded people: 

One important thing to understand here is that you are not alone in such situations. Almost every person goes through the self-compassion and the tendency to resolve social problems around him/her. 

Everyone wants to resolve the social and political issues in one way or the other, but the ultimate goal is the resolution of the problem. So finding a community of like-minded individuals is a method to release the pressure form yourself. Joining a community that has a similar mindset can help you to find some tangible pathway to solve an issue by taking an action together. 

Even discussing an issue, having the same thoughts as you, will make you relieved a bit and reduce the stress and pressure for you. 


These are a few strategies that can help you get yourself relieved from the unnecessary pressure of fixing things that you cannot fix realistically. These strategies are quite simple and these smaller steps can get you started to work towards a healthy lifestyle.