Keep the Flame Burning

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Few things are as nice as the feeling of being in love. It is vital to enjoying your life to keep feeling it as you grow older. With retirement, there are a lot of other things that occupy your time. Use these simple tips to keep the passion in your relationship even into retirement age.

  1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Use your best retirement calculator to develop a budget and find the perfect amount to make this scavenger hunt special and catered to your loved one. Keep your mind sharp by coming up with clever clues that will apply to your significant other and make them feel cherished. Plan your scavenger hunt along a route of places that have good memories associated with them.

  1. Go On a Road Trip

What is your idea for a fantastic date? If it involves great new dishes and fantastic natural scenery, then a road trip might be just what you need. Take a road trip to a location you are both interested in and plan a long list of sights along the route. An RV can be rented in many city centers around the country, so a vacation of this sort is able to fit into any budget. You can have fun agreeing on the perfect bed and breakfast at which to spend the night.

  1. Get Some Exercise

This is the perfect venue to spark a little romance in your life. It is quality time with the one that you love. You get undivided attention. You can devise the best ways to keep the love going. Share deep thoughts and your innermost secrets with each other to just make your love stronger. You can make physical contact by holding hands and enjoying the fresh air together in this enjoyable activity.

  1. Genuinely Show an Interest

Make it a point to say something complimentary or insightful every day to your partner. Show an interest in their hobbies, ask about their day, or simply compliment a meal that you enjoy. Keep words of kindness alive in your life to make each day even sweeter than the last. Leave small love notes where your partner will find them to let them know just how much they mean to you.

  1. Take Time to Yourself

It is obvious that everyone needs time to themselves. Take some time to explore yourself and anticipate their company again. That old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” has a grain of truth to it. By spending time with yourself and focusing on your thoughts and ideas can make the time with your partner that much sweeter. Learn to enjoy your time by yourself and you could end up your very own best friend. Spending some time alone will help your mental health and strengthen your love for your partner.

  1. Plan Your Retirement Together

There is no better way to show your partner that you love them than by making plans and developing schemes together. Plan out the activities that you want to do and the goals that you want to accomplish as you navigate through retirement. This is a new stage in your life for which you should both be excited. Look at how far you have come and share blissful memories with the one that you love. Planning your retirement will also get you to anticipate sharing your life with them.

  1. Work on Your Active Listening

In order to keep the romance in your relationship strong, keep the lines of communication open. Listen to your partner’s hopes, their dreams. Take an interest in their goals and support them at every step of the way. Know their dreams and help them attain them. Make your partner feel like they are genuinely heard and they will return the favor. This will strengthen your bond on a deeper and more consistent level. Active listening can help to keep your mind sharp and it is a skill that can be applied to many other areas in your life.